On this blog, I talk about lots of books about science for kids. I offer Amazon Associate links, so that if you want to go and read more about the books and read reviews, it’s easy to do so. But, really, I encourage you to get the books from your library instead of Amazon. It teaches your child about the incredible free resource that is your public library.  (And… if you’re not already going to story times at the library, read this article about all the reasons why you should:

If you’re in King County, and you don’t know how to go online and put books on hold for pick up at your local library, go to the library now and learn how!!! Here’s how curbside hold pick-up works during coronavirus.

It’s just as easy as ordering from Amazon… go online to, search for any book you want, place a hold on it, and in about 2 – 4 days, you’ll get an email saying it’s ready for pick-up at the library branch you chose. In the library, the books on hold are set aside on special shelves, with all yours gathered together in one spot, and it takes just minutes to pick them up. (During coronavirus times, you schedule a curbside pick-up of your holds.) And when they’re due back, you’ll get an email reminding you. If you’re not done with them, you can renew them online from your computer or mobile device. (Unless someone else is waiting for that book.)

We get literally 100’s of books a year this way, including every single book I’ve talked about on this blog.

If you prefer ebooks, you can also check out plenty at (And yes, it’s easy to get them on to your kindle.) Or if you like comic books, graphic novels, and streaming videos, check out Hoopla – you can use it with your KCLS card. You can also access Libby, Tumble Book Library and BookFlix video storybooks through KCLS. Learn about them all at:


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