What to Do with Easter Eggs

Do you find that you now have an over-abundance of plastic Easter eggs and hard-boiled eggs in your house? Looking for ideas for what to do with them all?

Hard-Boiled Eggs;

  • Try a science experiment to explain density: Put a hard-boiled egg in water. It sinks. Stir plenty of salt into the water – the egg floats. Learn the science.
  • Try an engineering experiment – the great egg drop. How high of a height can you drop an egg from without cracking the shell? We did this experiment with plastic baggies filled with packing materials – learn more here. Search online for “egg drop challenge” and you’ll see all the other constructs folks have come¬†up with.

Plastic Eggs:

  • Engineering experiment: Build a water-tight “submarine.”
  • Make egg shaker instruments for music time, word family eggs for literacy skills, color matching patterns for math skills: learn more here.
  • Use them as snack containers in your child’s lunch box.

Any Eggs:

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