Bedtime Math app


Back in February, I wrote a post about math literacy, where I described an app called Bedtime Math. I wanted to briefly re-visit that, and say: if you’re not using this app, you should be!

I’ve been using this app with my five year old for 5 months now.

It is now a part of his bedtime routine he looks forward to just as much as bedtime stories. He talks more about math throughout the day, hearkening back to last night’s bedtime math problems, just like he refers back to the bedtime story we read last night.

When we started, he could do the “wee ones” questions, sometimes needing hints. He now can do the wee ones and little kids levels pretty much on his own, and can do “big kids” with coaching through – he’s even engaged and following as I work out the “sky’s the limit” level. He easily adds and subtracts in his head now, and is starting to get the idea of multiplication.

So far, we’ve only done it verbally, doing the math in our heads, but we’re about to add a notebook and pencil to the bedside table, because sometimes writing out or drawing out one of the “big kids” or “sky’s the limit” questions will enable him to better follow what we’re doing.

I think the app is just fabulous for building math enthusiasm and math skills, and am glad to have found it!


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