100 Recommended Kids Books about Biology

In each of my posts, I include book recommendations for each weekly theme. You can read details about all the books in the posts I list below. I’ve also gathered all these books together into a spreadsheet you can download here.

Topics included in the spreadsheet:

These are all books suitable for children age 3 – 7. They include

  • non-fiction,
  • a category I think of as “non-fiction ideas with a story-line” – in other words it reads more like a story, but everything in it is fact-based, and
  • fiction – we read a lot of “flights of fancy” books in my class to inspire creativity and passion, as well as reading non-fiction to teach facts.

I get most of my books from my local library, but you can choose to purchase from Amazon. If you’re going to purchase some from Amazon, please consider clicking on this affiliate link – then I get a small referral fee for anything you end up buying – at no cost to you – it helps support my work here.

For more science book recommendations, check out


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