Top Twelve Posts of 2017

249a56300bdfd9239a6b82068a95d676-2017-neon-sign-bannerHere are my top 12 posts, in order of popularity. (6 are about Simple Machines!) Check them out to learn about lots of great hands-on science learning activities for kids age 3 – 6!

Pulleys – Learn how to use a pulley (or a substitute for a pulley) to set up lots of systems for hours of free play for kids!

Light and Shadow – Lots of fun ways to explore shadows. Includes setting up a screen for shadow dancing, and a story time featuring shadow puppets.

littleBits vs. Snap Circuits – A review comparing two popular electronic component kits for kids.

The 5 Senses – Includes book recommendations, a song, circle time demos and games, and links to several more posts on individual senses.

Wheels and Axles – Instructions on how to make tops and game spinners, paint with wheels, and experiment with gears.

Levers – Play with seesaws, balance scales, hammers for nailing and for prying up nails, catapults and wheelbarrows.

Seeds and Plants – Make a terrarium with a 2 liter bottle, make seed bombs, print with celery and peppers, and plant a bean seed.

Wedges – Cut play-dough, cut fruit for a salad, cut yarn and straws, and pilot a toy boat with a wedge-shaped bow.

Inclined Planes – Build ramps and roll marbles, cars, balls, and eggs down them! Spend lots of time testing the ladder and the slide.

Screws – Play with nuts and bolts, and Archimedes screws, and use an apple peeler / corer / slicer tool to make “apple screws”.

STE(A)M Gifts for Ages 3 – 6 – My favorite toys and games for nurturing and growing a passion for STEM learning.

States of Matter – Melt ice, make ice cream, blow balloons and bubbles, and explore dry ice.

Also, be sure to check out my Resources page, which lists LOTS of great books, blogs, videos, songs, podcasts and apps about STEM learning for kids.

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