Pet Rocks

Pet rocks are a fun craft to tie into a geology theme for preschool age or early elementary age kids. All you need is some good rocks, and some craft supplies. For rocks, smooth rocks work better than rough, bumpy rocks; flatter rocks can work better than more spherical rocks, and size-wise, you want it big enough to decorate easily but small enough that a child can hold it on their open palm.

For craft supplies, you need a good glue. We like Tacky Glue best for most kids’ projects – Elmers’ school glue will never adhere a pompom to a work, but Tacky Glue will! You could also use a glue gun. (Read my notes about glue gun safety and kids here.) For markers, you could use sharpies or oil pastels or paint, but my favorite for this project is chalk markers. They work a lot like paint markers but wash off easily. They’re designed to be used on chalkboards or glass, but we use them all the time on rocks and on wood. (Note: they’re not waterproof, so not for outdoor projects.)

For other décor items, the sky’s the limit! Google eyes? Feathers? Gems? Ribbons? Yarn? Anything you can glue onto a rock!

Here are some samples:

Note: my product links above are Amazon affiliate links. If you click on them and then buy something off the Amazon site, I do get a small referral fee.

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