Straw Rockets

This is a super simple project that leads to a fun toy. We have used this when studying wind and flight and when studying space travel and projectiles.

Supplies: a regular straw and a Boba straw (or a marker that is bigger around than your straw will work for the job too), markers, scissors, paper, tape

1. Cut small pieces of paper. (There’s no exact size but a post-it size paper works well. You can even just use a post-it note!) Decorate the paper with the markers.

2. Roll the paper tightly around the Boba straw (or marker). Tape it so it doesn’t unroll.

3. Fold down the top edge of the paper (to create a seal) and tape it.

4. Put the rocket on the regular sized straw straw.

5. Blow through the straw to launch the rocket.

You can find other pictures and instructions at: Simple Play Ideas and

You can make these look more like rockets if you choose. One of our teachers built this one based on the project shown at:

There’s also a slightly different method, where you use a wider straw as the rocket base, with a decorative rocket attached. See that one here:

It’s fun to design different rockets and decorate them in different ways. Once they’re built, you can try challenges like: which can fly the highest, which can fly the furthest, and which one is most accurate at hitting a target or flying through a hoop.

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