Seed Sprouting Experiment

Seeds offer an easy science experiment opportunity, where you can put seeds in different environments with different resources and in a week or two, you can easily compare how they have thrived.

1. Put two small pieces of paper towel in two small baggies

2. Add some staples across the center of the bag, through the paper towel. This creates sort of a “shelf” for the seeds so that when they sprout, the sprout can grow down toward the ground.

3. Add your seeeds.

4. Add enough water to wet the paper towel.

5. Tape one baggie up on a window with good sunlight.

6. Tape the other baggie somewhere dark (I use the inside of a kitchen cabinet door)

7. After a week or so, compare your results. One of my window seeds has a really healthy sprout.

8. Three of my cabinet seeds have small sprouts.

You can then, if you choose, transfer the sprouted seeds into soil and see if you can grow pea plants.

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