STEM Classes on Outschool

As we move into summer, you may be looking for fun activities for your child to do. I’ve got TONS of ideas for hands-on activities on this website. But if you’d also like some video lessons to share with them, I’m offering DIY Science Camp, which is a “flex class” on Outschool, which means it’s a series of video lessons that your child can watch whenever it’s convenient for you. Each ~20 minute video includes an overview of the key science concepts for that theme and ideas for hands-on projects you can do with materials you have at home. You’ll also get recommendations for books and videos.

I’ll also have a few live interactive classes on Zoom – all STEM classes for ages 3 – 8. You can find them here:

If you don’t know what Outschool is: Read my review of Outschool here. (Or watch my video review of Outschool:

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