Are  you looking for STEM enrichment activities for kids? This site is packed with fun, easy, play-tested projects that work, whether you’re a parent of one or a teacher of many.

Activities include art projects, crafts, recommended songs, games, books, science experiments, sensory play, building projects (like our ball cannon!), snacks, free printable worksheets and more, all grouped by these themes – click on any link to find a full lesson plan. (I also have a collection of cool science fair projects and reviews of science museums across the country.)

Inventors of Tomorrow is a website featuring hands-on STEM learning for kids age 3 - 7. Science experiments, building projects, art, books, songs, and games.

How we play-tested these activities:

I teach a STE(A)M enrichment class called Family Inventors’ Lab, which focuses on hands-on learning and exploration of science, engineering, and nature. It is a multi-age, parent-child class for preschool to elementary age kids, from 3 – 7 years old. The focus is on tinkering: making things, testing them, re-building them, testing again, and learning in the process. Check out our video overview of some of our favorite projects.

Most projects use only free or low cost materials, most of which you already have. Our goal is to encourage families to “try this at home” and make  experimenting a part of their daily lives.  We do use a few special themed toys, like our toy conveyor belt, Archimedean screw and domino train. We have a new theme for each week’s lesson plan. Every post on this site contains enough easy activity ideas for a 2 hour long class on that theme. If you’re a homeschooling parent or a preschool that meets multiple times a week, you might choose to do a few theme activities each day throughout a one-week curriculum unit on the theme. If you’re planning a science themed birthday party, you might choose simple activities from a variety of themes. (Some of the best party themes would be: Robots, Dinosaurs, and Build a House.) Many of these themes would also work for a DIY Summer Camp or Vacation Bible School curriculum.


Inspiration for the activities comes from many places, including blogs and websites (I try to link to sources throughout this website, and I’ve pinned lots of my favorite ideas at, children’s museums and science museums that we visit, and books such as TinkerlabThe Curious Kid’s Science Book, the Growing Up Wild Activity Book, and more (check out my book reviews) and the clever minds of my co-teachers, Cym, Angela, Monisha, and Peter. I include Amazon Affiliate links, in case you want to learn more about products or books that I refer to. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) However, rather than buying lots of products, I recommend you get your books from your local library, and use items out of the recycling bin or re-useable goods from thrift shops as much as possible!

Copyright note:

If you live anywhere other than Western Washington, you are welcome to use any idea that I share in the Inventors of Tomorrow series, even including the full lesson plans. If you work in King County: It’s OK to use some of the individual ideas here but I ask that you do not duplicate our curriculum in any class offered in King County. Thanks!

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