Making Science Make Sense – Resource


I am often discovering new resources for teaching science to kids, or using old favorite resources for the umpteenth time. Occasionally, I remember to post them here to make sure other folks know they exist!

Today’s resource is from the Bayer company: Making Science Make Sense is a STEM education initiative, seeking to advance science literacy through hands-on, inquiry-based learning.

Check out:

  • Experiment Cards: instructions for 35 simple hands-on experiments (plus videos of 8 of the experiments)
  • A printable periodic table
  • The Answers page: short audio clips and videos answering the odd questions kids ask, such as: how do bagpipes work, what are butterflies in your stomach, what are teeth, why are tennis balls fuzzy, how can there be all those vitamins in one multi-vitamin, how do boomerangs work, why does a hockey puck slide so fast, how is instant coffee made, and when do fish sleep.

You can also find the results of their Facts of Science Education [k-5] Survey 2015 and Back to School Survey 2016, including these tidbits:

  • 99% of teachers and 97% of parents agree it’s important that kids see science as an exciting, creative and interesting subject
  • Parents (79%) and teachers (95% say the best way to learn science is hands-on, and 88% of parents say their kids are excited about science
  • However, most parents don’t do a lot of science at home due to these barriers: 36% of moms and 23% of dads aren’t confident enough in their scientific knowledge to help their kids engage in hands-on science projects. 59% say they don’t have enough time, 25% say science activities cost too much money and 19% say they don’t have access to information or ideas for activities.

So, to show parents that it can be fast, free, and easy to share science with your kids in everyday life moments, Bayer also has the Beaker Life Blog, where you’ll find posts like:

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