I am creating a blog series called “Destinations” which will offer detailed descriptions of fun places for hands-on STEM learning for kids age 3 – 10, such as children’s museums, science museums and more. The majority will be in the Pacific Northwest, as that’s where I live. But when we travel and visit fun destinations, I’ll write about those. Here’s a google map of many of these destinations, called “Science Museums of the Northwest.”

Click on the listing below to see a brief overview of that destination on this page. Click on the links in the overviews to be taken to the fully detailed reviews.

The Overviews

Children’s Museum of Phoenix, AZ

A three story, well maintained museum with lots of great experiences! Activities included big motor play: the Climber, riding trikes in Pedal Power, catching scarves at Whoosh, playing outdoors at Move It, playing Hide and Seek in the Noodle Forest imaginative play in The Market and Texture Cafe building in Block Mania, constructing forts and more.

photos from the Children's Museum of Phoenix

Kid’s Discovery Museum on Bainbridge Island, WA.

This museum and the town of Bainbridge make for a fun day trip on the ferry from downtown Seattle. A climber, a rock climbing wall, dress-up and pretend play in “the bank”, the “grocery store”, “doctor’s office” and “on the ferry.” Upstairs are big blocks, puppets, a train table and a physics zone full of ramps to roll balls down and launch balls off of.


KidsQuest Children’s Museum in Bellevue, WA

Located in a suburb of Seattle. Features: A climber that’s 25-30 feet tall, a water zone with a magnetic water wall, a vortex, and a stream to dam, a working conveyor belt system, a semi truck cab to climb into, a room for building with recyclables, a farm area and a mercantile from 100 years ago, a huge train table, a “story tree”, art studio with a kiln, and a toddler zone. (Pro Tip: If you’re choosing between a visit to the Seattle Children’s Musuem and KidsQuest, choose KidsQuest!)


Mindport in Bellingham, WA

Click on that link to find all the details, but here’s my intro: “It’s a little like an art gallery full of beautifully crafted exhibits… but you get to touch and interact with everything! It’s a little like a children’s museum where children are welcomed… but the exhibits are intriguing enough that all the adults in the room were as engaged as the kids. It’s like a science museum with exhibits that illustrate scientific concepts – and binders that explain the details… but it’s prettier, and somehow more soothing and meditative, than any science museum I’ve been in.”

Note: The first three reviews are on my other blog, Good Days with Kids, which primarily talks about parenting skills. The rest will be here on Inventors of Tomorrow, which is all about hands-on STEM learning for ages 3 – 6, and is filled with ideas for art projects, crafts, recommended songs, games, books, science experiments, sensory play, building projects, snacks, free printable worksheets and more, all grouped by themes.



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